Everyone Struggles With Online Dating … Even Celebrities

Dec 15, 2022

Not-so-relatable: It’s because people thought her profile was fake

The travails of online dating are many: From unsolicited, uh, personal snaps to ghosting, there are a set of experiences fairly universal to anyone who’s ever attempted to find love on the interwebz. And then there’s Sharon Stone’s extremely specific problem. (Unless you too are a legendary movie actress with umpteen iconic roles to your name? In which case, her recent struggle with Bumble will be *supes* relatable.)

Stone—Oscar-nominee, Basic Instinct star, stroke survivor—took to Twitter to vent about a major frustration she’s currently having with Bumble, the dating app where women make the first move. Her issue? Her account was “closed” after a fellow user reported it as a fake account.

As part of her plea to the site to “Don’t shut me out of the hive,” the 61-year-old (who’s been engaged thrice, divorced twice) produced the receipts, a.k.a. a screenshot of the message saying “You’ve been blocked.”

This—unlike so many tales of online dating, let’s be real—is one with a happy ending. Along with a deluge of Twitter replies asking her out, the dating app saw her cry for help. Bumble’s editorial director, Claire O’Connor, quickly responded to Stone’s tweet, saying that the team had unblocked her account and that she was free to start “Bumbling” again at her leisure.

Good luck out there, Sharon—and may all who seek it find their honey in 2020 along with you!

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