Here are 10 luxurious and fun couple ideas for September

Sep 8, 2023

10 luxurious and fun couple ideas for September

The fall season is just around the corner, but it doesn’t mean that things need to cool down. Whether you prefer soaring above scenic landscapes in a helicopter or indulging in spa treatments at a top-tier resort, these ideas promise a month of opulence and fun.


    1. Private Wine Tour: Visit a renowned vineyard, perhaps in Napa Valley or Bordeaux, and enjoy a private wine tasting. Some vineyards offer gourmet dinners in the vineyard under the stars.
    2. Yacht Charter: Rent a yacht for a day or a weekend. Sail along a beautiful coast, perhaps the Mediterranean or the Caribbean, and enjoy the serenity with gourmet meals onboard.
    3. Helicopter Tour: Experience breathtaking views of scenic locations, like the Grand Canyon or the coastline of a beautiful city, from the comfort of a private helicopter.
    4. Luxury Spa Retreat: Book a weekend in a top-tier spa resort. Indulge in couples massages, facials, and other wellness treatments.
    5. Private Chef Dinner: Hire a renowned chef to cook a custom multi-course meal at your home or a rented luxury villa.
    6. Sports Car Experience: Rent luxury or classic cars for a drive through scenic routes. Think winding coastal roads or beautiful countryside.
    7. Boutique Hotel Stay: Book a stay in a historic or avant-garde boutique hotel in a romantic city. Combine it with private tours or experiences.
    8. Theater or Opera Night: Enjoy a private box or premier seating at a renowned theater or opera house, perhaps on Broadway or in London’s West End.
    9. Hot Air Balloon Ride: Drift above picturesque landscapes during the early hours of dawn or at sunset. Some destinations offer champagne breakfasts post-flight.
    10. Golf Weekend: If both enjoy golf, book a weekend at a premier golf resort. Many top resorts offer more than just golf, with fine dining, spas, and other activities available.

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