Is this service relationship coaching or counselling?

The Love Fixer service differs from coaching and counselling in the following three key ways:

  1. Professional Advice Giving
    The Love Fixer service is directive and provides clients advice to perform specific behaviours that will drive the outcome of a more connected relationshipTraditional relationship coaching and counselling attempts to have clients gain insight that will result in changed behaviours and does not share opinions or give adviceSome clients find that process frustratingThe Love Fixer service is for those people that want to hear what needs to be done and are prepared to take those actions to achieve improved results in their relationships. 
  2. Date Planning/Gift Buying/Task Completion
    The Love Fixer completes tasks on behalf of the clients to promote more satisfied relationshipsMost people are well intended but may not have the time or creativity to arrange for dates, gifts, getaways, ritual creations, and forgiveness activities that will accurately express their appreciation for their partnerThe Love Fixer service assists in the idea generation, and following approval from the clients, makes the key arrangements on the clients’ behalf. 
  3. Responsiveness and Time Commitment
    The Love Fixer service is designed to be efficient and highly responsiveThe Love Fixer uses multiple means of communication to address issues efficiently when the needs arise. 
How long is the Love Fixer service and what does it cost?

The Love Fixer: The program is ideally at least four months long. However, the cost is $750 US per month and the duration can be customized for the needs of the client. 

The Love Fixer: The Maintenance Support service is provided following the Love Fixer program as occurs on a monthly basis at a cost agreed upon that will meet the needs of the client. 

How many interactions per month is expected during the program?

The Love Fixer service is tailored to meet the unique needs of each clients relationship.  The service provides a set number of hours for each client per month and that time is provided in direct client contact and task activities to achieve the desired goals of the client.  Clients are supported by the Love Fixer through video-conferencing meetings, email, phone, and text support. 

Who is the client?

The Love Fixer service is provided to one partner in the relationship.   

Clients range considerably.  Clients are wanting assistance to enhance connection, love, and passion.  They range throughout the relationship spectrum from those in long relationship while juggling challenges that work and life bring.  Other clients are dealing with long term relationships that are no longer functioning as well as they once were, due to specific issues or just that the interactions are not longer as satisfying as they once were.  Other clients are newly married and want to establish healthy patterns that will see them succeed throughout their life together.   

What locations do you service?
The Love Fixer service is offered in Canada and the United States at this time.

Making lives better and encouraging healthy, loving people and relationships.